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Anchorage Pink Sauvignon Blanc 2018

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2018 brought us fruit that needed to be looked after slightly different to normal years. Ferment temperatures with 16-18?C were higher than usual but helped the yeasts to form more of the ripe tropical flavours that we normally have come from the vineyard. It was also critical to keep the ferments clean and made us rack them a bit earlier than usual so we could maintain those elegant flavours. Some young fruity Pinot Noir added to achieve the blush colour.



Salmon Pink in colour.


Rose petals and sweet watermelon announce themselves first on the nose and then on the palate. Strawberries and cream flavours with a mix of candyfloss, vanilla and guava undertones finish up this delectable floral wine, perfect for a celebratory occasion or an evening out after a balmy Nelson Summer day. Serve well chilled.


The Pink Sauvignon Blanc is a perfect accompaniment to fresh crispy salads, seafood dishes or when toasting to the start of the Summer Festive Season.

Technical Notes:

Vintage: 2018 Appellation: Nelson Region
Fermentation: 100% stainless steel (no malolactic)